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    The fastest of them all

    Pips was sitting in the middle of the green meadow, lazily chomping on a single strand of grass. He was surrounded by his family and friends. It seemed like everyone had chosen to be outside today, but that wasn’t strange because it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the grass was green and the only wind present was a soft, warm, caressing one. Pips scanned the field slowly for any sign of Dandelion. Not the flowers of course, they’d never been his taste. No. Pips was looking for the most beautiful doe of the colony. Today, this beautifully perfect day, would be the day. Today was the day…

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    Verstoppertje in m’n eentje

    Om mijn literatuurlijst op de middelbare school te vullen, las ik Het Gouden Ei van Tim Krabbé. Ik had het boek nota bene gekozen omdat het ‘niet zo dik was’. Nooit had ik verwacht dat het me zo lang zou bijblijven.Nu nóg kan ik me het plot feilloos herinneren, zelfs nadat ik Engelse literatuur heb gestudeerd en ondertussen talloze boeken heb gelezen. Het boek maakte toen al onmiddellijk indruk, omdat het een van mijn grootste angsten bevatte: alleen zijn. Nou was ik een sociale tiener, al dan niet wat excentriek, met een vrij grote poel van contacten. Ook thuis waren we met meer dan gemiddeld (mijn ouders, een zusje, twee…

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    Fuzzy Nurse

    Fuzzy Nurse May wraps her oversized shawl tighter around her head as she approaches her mother’s store. Rain is biting at her nose and eyes, the only parts of her face still visible. When she pushes open the door a welcoming warmth spreads through her and she hears the well known jingle of the store bell. She unwraps the shawl and tries to shake of the rain as if she were a wet cat. “Good afternoon honey,” her mom says while handing her a towel, “How’ve you been?”. May kisses her mother’s cheek as she fumbles to get rid of her coat. “Fine..” She responds softly. “Speak up sweety, you…

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    The Sisters of the Moon and Sun – Part 5

    The riverbank was cold and hard as the stranger let Laeriel drop from his shoulders. In an instant Janey’s arms and another blanket were around her. Janey held her tight, crying softly and muttering soft prayers of gratitude to the gods. Laeriel took a moment to hug her sister back and cough up the last swallows of water. When she could breathe semi-easily again she looked up to their rescuer. “Thank you…” she croaked. The broad man standing before her was truly a bear of a man. He must at least be two heads bigger than she was and his legs and arms were as broad as her own waist.…

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    The Sisters of the Moon and Sun – part 4

    Laeriel was standing upright in the creek. Her eyes were locked with those of her stubborn little sister, staring back at her defiantly. But Laeriel kept her gaze friendly, inviting, with a hint of worry. Finally Janey’s stare broke and her countenance turned softer. “All right…” she whispered. But then they both heard rustling in the bushes. “Quick,” Laeriel whispered, and they gathered up their stuff, their clothes still dripping wet and hurdled over to a particularly thick growth of shrubbery. Little twigs scraped their naked skin but they kept their mouths shut as they crouched side to side between the green. After a few moments a huge black dog…

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    The Sisters of the Moon and Sun – Part 3

    Laeriel crouched behind a large bush, peering past it, bow strung tight, aiming at a black crow that was ruffling its feathers. She had to make the shot; even though a bird this size would barely make a meal for two people. Food had been scarce lately. The small family that had taken them in this time didn’t have much. They had been weary of the two girls on their doorstep, asking for a place to stay for a while because they had nowhere else to go. Laeriel and Janey moved to a different home almost every two years, so as she had promised her mom before she died. It…

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    The Sisters of the Moon and Sun – Part 2

    Hudson viewed the landscape from atop his rasping brown mare. The green hill they used as a vista stretched out underneath him and his master. Around them birds were chirping, flowers boomed and the morning sun gave the day the feeling of freshness. It was almost as if nature was pretending nothing was wrong, by making the contrast with what lied ahead, so great. They had been riding for almost a week straight. Pressing on, urging their horses almost beyond their limits. Hudson looked over to his master, Tarium. The huge man stared stone-faced at Hollow Bridge village. Most of the time there was absolutely no way of telling what the…

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    The Sisters of the Moon and Sun – Part 1

    Blood. That is never a good word to start a story with, at least, not a story worth telling… However… blood was what she saw. Blood was what appeared to be everywhere. Blood dripped from the curtains, the bed, the dressers. Blood flowed in slow and small rivers from the master bedroom into the hallway. Dried blood stained the walls, fresh blood poured from the bodies spread throughout the house and red seemed to be the only colour left in the world when Laeriel hurried up the stairs towards her baby sister’s bedroom. Janey sat on the floor, a huge pool of red surrounding her tiny body, as she looked…

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    Bomen Overal bomen Zo veel bomen en iedere keer zit ik te dromen zie ik door de bomen het bos niet meer Ik kan niet meer ontkomen aan alle bomen Ook al had ik mij voorgenomen ze te weerstaan Maar alle bomen hebben mij de keus ontnomen en naarmate de noodzaken blijven toestromen zal ik wellicht nooit meer klaar zijn Een grote boom versperd mijn pad dreigend en dringend intimideert hij mij plat Zwoel blaast de wind door zijn blad verleidend en schor zodat ik bijna vergat… …dat ik er al eentje had