Tomb Raider – the impact of Lara Croft

When I was really really young, I used to sit next to my brothers in front of the only computer we had in the house and watch them play Tomb Raider. I completely fell in love with Lara Croft. Of course, who didn’t? Back then she was nothing more than a pointy breasted pixel chick. But the way she could climb, jump around and take care of herself with a range of different weapons gave me a lot of adventurous action dreams in which I was the heroine.


Then around the age of twelve I finally started playing the game myself. Well… a little different maybe than others. I bought Tomb Raider Anniversary, but after playing the main story for like 10 minutes and dying like 25 times because it was impossible for me to shoot straight, I decided to only play in ‘the Mansion’. Now, most people who have heard of Lara Croft know about this mansion. Hidden rooms, a pool, a cool survival track, an amazing gym and, last but not least, a butler. Oh the butler and I had so much fun. Every time I played the game, the butler would be locked up in the freezer! (Don’t feel sorry for him, he’s a virtual character and cannot really feel anything, plus, everybody would lock him in the freezer!)


Now I have to admit, my Lara Croft virus slowly died. Leaving only a quick jolt in my tummy if anyone spoke of her, like the memory to an old love. And then the greatest thing happened! A steam sale, not too long ago. Usually when a steam sale comes up I look trought the RPG list, buy everything that seems interesting, and that’s it. But now steam had this new feature that kind of linked to games I really loved playing and showed me simular stuff. (Or maybe they had this for a long time already, but I never noticed, I don’t know.) Anyway, there it was, Tomb Raider, a reboot of the Lara Croft series, released in 2013, and I was going to play it.


The graphics were beautiful, the story was awesome and check this: I could actually play it without dying too often! The way the game works with little checkpoints really helped with that. A very, very big bonus is the option of using a bow. Since I have played Skyrim (longer than any other game I ever played) almost only with using a bow, I have become addicted to the weapon (in virtual reality). I felt on top of the world, making Tomb Raider the first game I finished completely in a long time.

I’m looking forward to it’s sequal, ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ so much!

For now, I will leave you with a tribute to my rediscovered love of Lara Croft. A cosplay! (Eventhough non of my students knew who I was supposed to be…)



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