Series and the power of the Gilmore Girls

When I put all the time I have spent watching series together, I believe it will be more than a year of my life. It might have all started with Nickelodeon when I was about eleven years old. Saved by the Bell, Sweet Valley High, Lizzy MCguire etcetera. My love for series originates from a deep enjoyment of entering different worlds or realities. I would imagine myself in the different settings and dream about how different my life would be there. I didn’t do this because my real life wasn’t good enough, but because it really makes me happy to experience more. Even after watching so many series, I still always feel that ‘Gilmore Girls’ is my favourite series of all time. That does not mean I think Gilmore Girls is the best series ever made, or the most exciting, or the most brilliant. If I have to explain why this series is my favourite I would have to get up close and personal. I will in a minute.


When I first heard that Netflix would do a couple of extensive sequals to the series, I got really really excited and I made up my mind that the only preparation possible would be to watch all the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls again. Because this is the only series I own on DVD completely, that would not be a problem. Of course I could not stream my favourite series on 240p. I started watching about two weeks ago and have since then already finished the first season.


Rewatching the first season really reminded me why I always have felt such a strong love for this series. First of all, the bond Loralai and Rory (the protagonists of the series) have together, truly exceeds a normal mother-daughter-relationship. When I was sixteen, I also called my mother my best friend, so I related to the characters on a very personal level. That feeling overwhelmed me again by watching the first season. The series taught me that I should always talk stuff out with my mom, or the rest of my family for that matter, because when Lorelai and Rory wouldn’t talk, they would be sad and angry the entire time. This lesson has proven useful over and over again in my life, resulting in the fact that my brothers, sister, dad and mom are all my best friends.


The second reason is the way I recognise myself, or my own feelings, in the way Rory handles boys. At least in the ‘ awkward, I-speak-too-much-and-say-strange-things-I-should-not-have-said’ kind of way. She has no idea what to do when she is alone with Dean at first and, of course, looks to her mom for advise. However, she is also aware of the fact that it is not exactly normal to depend on your mother so much, therefor also trying to make it appear to Dean that they have a normal mother-daughter-relationship. All very complicated, resulting in a lot of humor. I love the humor too, the witty remarks and the endless stream of movie references.


And the books! Oh the books. I love books too. Books are great. <3


In conclusion, I think what makes the series my favourite is the extent to which I can relate to it. There was just enough for me to relate to (and, in addition, a lot I wanted to aspire to)  to make it my favourite series. I cannot wait to watch the sequals!


  • Tanya

    Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite series too! I could relate to Rory so much and often wished I was her. Her whole character fitted mine so much. I did not relate to the mother-daughter relationship the way you did. For me it was opposite; I did not have anything like that relationship with my mother, and seeing the series so made me wish I did. It also taught me a lot of what kind of a mother I wanted to be in the future. If I’ll ever get blessed with a child, I can only hope our bond will be as strong as Rory and Lorelai’s. 🙂

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